ROBERT M. SCHWARTZ: Supreme Court No. 32,422, JSC Inquiry No. 2009-081

Supreme Court schedules oral argument on Commission’s August 16, 2010 Petition for Discipline concerning Hon. Robert M. Schwartz, Second Judicial District Court, SCT Docket No. 32,422, JSC Inquiry No. 2009-081. The Court also denies Judge Schwartz’s motions to seal or strike the petition and record proper, unseals Supreme Court file, and establishes a briefing schedule. Oral argument on the petition … Read More

LUPE FUENTEZ: Supreme Court No. 32,501, JSC Inquiry No. 2010-109

Supreme Court grants Commission’s Petition for Immediate Temporary Suspension Without Pay concerning Hon. Lupe Fuentez, Dexter Municipal Court Judge, SCT Docket No. 32,501, JSC Inquiry No. 2010-109, and unseals Supreme Court file. The Commission filed the petition on July 16, 2010 under seal pursuant to Rule 27-104(B) NMRA. To download a copy of the Court’s order, click here.